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deprived88's Journal

1 October 1988
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Well this is how it started...i wasn't born with an eating disorder, it developed in my junior year in high school.Before that i always wanted to loose weight but i was doing regular dieting and excercise. Last year we had health class and we were talking about eating disorders, a girl was talking about how there are these people that are pro-ana and all that. That night i did a little research, i met all these people online who had ED's and they were so great to I like the feeling...it was like i a magician, i lost weight so fast, i became a pill popper, i took ephedra 3 times a day then took 3 painkillers. 2 months ago i had a kidney infection, i was from the pills i assumed, but i didn't tell anyone the cause of it.
The doctor gave me sulfarthaxame to cleanse my kidneys, i lost 13pounds in less than a week, and the pills would make me see fat on food seriously, now i am dependent on them i only have like 9 left and i use them sparingly. it sounds weird to other people but i like this feeling